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Why Setting an Objective Makes Meetings Effective


Meetings are an important part of any organization. When done right, this tool can set the team to achieve its goals. But it can also be easily misused. Long or overdue meetings can easily consume time and effort – resources that should have been allocated for valuable tasks.

When it comes to Product Management, meetings are important to align everyone’s expectations and efforts. Should problems occur, meetings can immediately call out everyone’s attention. During regular sessions, meetings can highlight milestones or open up venues for voicing our concerns.

One clear way to ensure meetings remain relevant is by setting an objective.

Objectives are clear statements of the meeting’s intended outcome. It should answer why the meeting has to take place. Who should you invite? What are their roles in the project or during the meeting? What actions or decisions must you achieve within this meeting.

By setting clear objectives, all the details would come into place. You will be able to invite the right stakeholders and prepare what are necessary during the conversation. You could also set enough time and venue for the meeting to happen.

The success of your meeting depends on its goal – and how ready you are to achieve it. Stop wasting other people’s time by inviting them to meetings that do not matter.

Meetings do not have to take so much time. The shorter ones done correctly can have more impact. Learn more about Agile in North Carolina with us.

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Joe Pierce
Joe Pierce

With more than 20 years of experience as a program manager and organizational leader, Joseph Pierce has a proven record of success in leading multiple strategic projects. Specializing in the implementation of training, leadership, and information technology programs in corporate, academic, and military settings. Joe has successfully managed over 40 strategic projects using Agile, Scrum, and Systems Development Life Cycle methodologies. Possessing a B.S. in economics from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a M.S. in management and an M.B.A. from the University of Maryland.