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Starting It Right: Notes for the Forming Stage


The world is becoming more competitive – and collaborative. We have seen organizations partner with each other. We have seen teams coming from different functions in the business. We have also seen unlikely partnerships from different stakeholders.

In the age of collaboration, setting up teams to achieve goals is becoming a norm. These teams may be set for faster and immediate mid-term goals, looking up the need for Agile in North Carolina.

Some teams are built for the long term where business owners and other entities may need Project Management in Winterville, NC.

But whatever it is that you have to set for, you have to go through the first step – forming the team. This crucial start can make or break your team’s success.

In Bruce Tuckman’s stages of development, the Forming Stage is the first and most uncertain stage. After all, the specifications about the team may or may not have been formed yet.

To excel in the forming stage, the organization must prepare as much as it can. Roles and deliverables should at least have some definition, although subject to modifications as the team progresses. With all the uncertainty, the team must be able to look up to someone for guidance and clarity – and that sponsor or leader should be able to gain their trust.

Starting a project can be done in different ways, but you must be quick and wise enough to know which one is more effective for you.

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Joe Pierce
Joe Pierce

With more than 20 years of experience as a program manager and organizational leader, Joseph Pierce has a proven record of success in leading multiple strategic projects. Specializing in the implementation of training, leadership, and information technology programs in corporate, academic, and military settings. Joe has successfully managed over 40 strategic projects using Agile, Scrum, and Systems Development Life Cycle methodologies. Possessing a B.S. in economics from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a M.S. in management and an M.B.A. from the University of Maryland.